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What is the safe operation process of embossing machine?

Update time : 2021-06-10

Source : Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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What is the safe operation process of embossing machine?
Embossing machine, is used for embossing on the surface of the machine, generally paper embossing, road embossing. However, there are still many small partners who are not clear about the operation process of the embossing machine, or there are mistakes in operation. Then, Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain the operation process of the embossing machine for you in detail.

Embossing machine

1、 Clean the machine table first, and check the tightness of power knife switch and grinding wheel, protective cover or safety baffle in detail. The operating platform must be stable, and sufficient lighting shall be provided for night operation. It is allowed to start after confirming safety. Turn on the power supply, set the temperature, set the pressure clearance, and turn on the cooling water.

2、 When the temperature rises to the standard, the product shall be connected with guiding cloth for operation first. After the machine is in normal operation, the material shall be cut off. When cutting, the material shall be clamped with a clamp, and then the cutting machine's grip grip shall be applied slowly downward. If the cutting cannot be started, the force shall be applied suddenly to avoid damaging the cutting wheel and grinding wheel.
Embossing machine
3、 After the product is out of the embossing wheel, measure the thickness and width of the product. If the thickness is insufficient, check the distance between pressure wheels or reduce the pressure. Generally, the pressure is 15-20kg, and the tension will be reduced when the width is insufficient. When the short reinforcement with a pressure grain of about 25cm is pressed, it is required to clamp it with a clamp, and it is not allowed to send the material directly by hand. When cutting the long reinforcement, the other end needs help. The operation shall be consistent, It is not allowed to drag arbitrarily. When cutting materials, the operator of the cutter cannot align the grinding wheel face to face, and it is necessary to stand on the side. The non operator shall not stay near to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out and hurting people when the grinding wheel is broken.

4、 The winding tension changes with the winding size, so it can not make the product wrinkle and damage the product. It is not allowed to use the embossing machine instead of the grinder to do grinding.

5、 After the embossing work, the gate shall be closed and power off, and the box door shall be locked. Measures for rain proof shall be taken for outdoor operation. It is forbidden to drain water cup on the electric control box, and sundries are strictly prohibited in the cabinet, and safety awareness shall be strengthened.

Above is about the operation flow of the embossing machine, interested customers can call Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. we will serve you wholeheartedly.